vikipeediya vaarta:Twinkle

yeh prushth vikipeediya:Twinkle panne ke sudhaar par charcha karne ke liye vaarta panna hai. yadi aap aap apne sandesh par jaldi sabka dhyaan chaahate hain, to yahaaain sandesh likhne ke baad chaupaal par bhi soochana chhod dein.

adyatan par charcha

sadasya vaarta:Ashliveslove ke avataran 1791381 se kaupi-pest kiya hua:

Here's a few questions:

  • Currently, the CSD tab offers the option to directly delete pages only to sysops and not to eliminators (utpaat niyantrak) and editprotected users (varishth sadasya). Should this (simple deletions only, not batch deletions) be enabled for these groups? Or if we wanna make the "one person tags, another deletes" practice a permanent one, should direct deletion via twinkle be disabled for all (including sysops)? (I personally favor the former.)
  • At en-wp, when attack pages are tagged for csd using TW, they're blanked. This could be done for other tags too. Should this be implemented for copyvios? The validity of the nomination will have to be checked through the history then, but it might come in useful during periods of low activity (we don't want a tagged copyvio staying live-on-wiki for a week, do we? Doesn't really look good for the project.)
  • If no-one opposes, I'll let the criteria "Deletion of talk pages of deleted pages" remain in TW; since though we don't have an official criteria for that, it is in the dropdown reasons for deletion, and its pretty uncontroversial.
  • Since we have a smaller criteria list than en-wp, and the criteria defined in the DI tab are covered as follows, should the DI tab be disabled, since our CSD can be covered in the CSD tab alone?
    • F4 --> f1
    • F5 --> f3
    • F6 is included in va6f
    • F7 is partially covered under f5 (replaceable images), but we don't have a CSD for the rest
    • F11 doesn't come under va6f, but can be(?) considered to be covered under the blanket ban of va6

Views of all users (especially twinkle users) are welcome.--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 06:21, 14 fravari 2012 (UTC)

Oh, and; should I replace "TW" with "tvinkal" or "tvi" or "tvin" or "tviङ" or "tviङ"? "tvinkal" would be along the lines of what bengali wikipedia is doing. I do plan to replace the tab headings with hindi over time. So is the translation of the main heading (TW) preferable? This can also be done in the edit-summaries by the way, but "tvi" (the shortest hindi option) would require 4 characters as opposed to the two in TW. So these two changes should be done/not done?--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 06:39, 14 fravari 2012 (UTC)

Does anyone have any objections to removing any disabled modules (such as the closer module, and if consensus is gained, the DI module) from the on-wiki twinkle? I'd keep the disabled modules at github for possible future use; but being a low-speed connection user, I'd like to save as much of my bandwidth as I can (including by removing disabled mods from the onwiki version of TW). If nobody objects, I'd remove the disabled ones.--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 07:28, 14 fravari 2012 (UTC)

Note: I can't guarantee that all this would be possible, although I expect it should be.--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 06:55, 14 fravari 2012 (UTC)

  • Currently, the CSD tab offers ...
I don't think the present procedure for deleting pages for an only-eliminator editor like me is too cumbersome. Infact, it's a good thing as the chances of accidently deleting a page (if it becomes one-click) are significantly reduced. However, other editors might have different views. Also, IMO the "one person tags, another deletes" should remain an unwritten convention and not a rule per say, for there are occasions when the page should better immediately go and avoid wastage of one extra editor's crucial time in today's world! However, sysops can continue to retain direct deletion via twinkle. Let's place some trust on such senior editors!
  • At en-wp, when attack pages are tagged for csd ...
I'm afraid this should be done only if placing csd templates is enabled only for auto-reviewed editors or something like that. Else, it can become a potential weapon for vandalism by helping in blanking out the article. Related to this, I would like to ask if it is possible for the misuse filter to check for a deleted content being simply recreated?
  • If no-one opposes, I'll let the criteria ...
Yes, I'll go with that. We can alternatively make it an official criterion for Can't we?
  • Since we have a smaller criteria list than ...
Admittedly, I've very little idea about these numbered criterions and they almost completely escape me. I mostly work on the basis of intuition!
Oh, and; should I replace "TW" with ...
I'll go with the option that takes the least number of bits to store ;)
Does anyone have any objections to removing any disabled modules ...
I confess to not really understanding the issue here! Regards, lavi singhal (vaarta) 17:23, 14 fravari 2012 (UTC)

kaupi-pest kiya hissa samaapt


Twinkle mein nimn adyatan kiye gaye hain:

  • CSD module mein puraane angreji saaainchon ki jagah {{sheegra hataane sambandhit saaainche}} mein soocheebaddh hindi saaainchon ka prayog shuroo kar diya gaya hai. ab Twinkle ka yeh module prushth hataane ki neeti ke saath-saath chalta hai
  • CSD module ka UI naam badalkar "sheegra hataaeain" se banaakar "sheeh" rakh diya hai
  • DI module aksham kar diya hai chooainki prushth hataane ki neeti ke sabhi maapdand CSD module mein hi sama gaye hain. at: DI module ki alag se aavashyakta naheen hai.
nae code mein puraane ke mukaabale faayade
  • hindi saaainche evam Twinkle UI
  • hindi sampaadan saaraansh aur prabandhakon ke liye hataane ki laug ke liye hindi kaaran
  • neeti ke anukool
pehle ke code ke mukaabale kamiyaaain
  • anek maapadandon se taig karte samay twinkle window ke sheershak mein maapdand sankhya naheen dikhaai degi (arthaat aap kitne maapdand laga chuke hain iski jaankaari naheen milegi)
  • filhaal twinkle pehle se yadi prushth par koi sheegra hataane ka saaaincha ho bhi, tab bhi naya saaaincha jod dega. arthaat twinkle puraane saaainche naheen pakad paaega.
anya apavaad
  • pratilipi lekh chinhit karte samay twinkle is baat ki theek se jaaainch naheen karta hai ki sadasya dvaara bataaya gaya mool prushth hai ya naheen (pehle jaaainchane ki koshish hi naheen karta tha, ab koshish karega par theek se naheen)
  • pratilipi lekh chinhit karte samay twinkle yeh kah sakta hai ki jis naam ka prushth aapne mool prushth ke taur pe bataaya hai, vah maujood naheen hai aur taiging rok di jaaegi; parantu sambhav hai ki yeh kehne ke baad bhi taiging poorn ho jaae
  • jis bhi maapdand ke liye koi praachal dena padta hai, usamein input jaavaaskript alert vindo ke dvaara hogi jismein vikipeediya ki hindi input script kaam naheen karti. usamein pehle ki hi tarah hindi ya to kaupi-pest karni padegi ya fir kisi baahari tool dvaara input karni padegi.
  • vyaktigat sheegra hataane ke naamaankan ki laug ka naam badalkar hindi up-prushth par kar diya gaya hai. yadi kisi sadasya ne pehle se vyaktigat laug bana ke rakha hai to use apne sadasya prushth ke up-prushth "/sheeh laug" par sthaanaantarit kar lein naheen to nae naamaankan nae laug par jaaeainge aur puraane jahaaain hain vaheen raheinge
  • yadi puraane maapadandon ke liye kisi sadasya ne koi twinkle vareeyataaeain badli theen to ve nae maapadandon ke saath kaam naheen kareingi. vi:Twinkle/Preferences par jaakar fir se unhein sahejein.

yadi is adyatan ke baad in apavaadon ke atirikt koi pareshaani aae to yahaaain poochhein (ho sake to sampaadan antar ki kadi bhi dein)--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 01:46, 5 March 2012 (UTC)

sambhav hai ki {{sheeh soochana-kaaran}} ka prayog twinkle theek se na kare. aise mein sadasya chaahein to filhaal ke liye {{sheeh-kaaran}} dvaara chinhit karte samay svachaalit soochana vi:Twinkle/Preferences ke prayog se band kar sakte hain, ya fir mainyooali har baar soochana saaainche ko theek kar sakte hain. is gadbadi ko theek karne par kaam jaari hai.--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 05:26, 5 March 2012 (UTC)

yeh samasya ab naheen aani chaahiye. ise theek kar diya hai.--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 06:51, 5 March 2012 (UTC)
  • hataae gaye prushthon ke vaarta prushthon ko naamaankit karte samay soochana saaaincha naheen chhoda jaata hai
  • yadi prushth nirmaata naamaankanakarta swayam hai to vaarta prushth par soochana saaaincha naheen chhoda jaata hai
  • yadi prushth nirmaata ka vaarta prushth na ho, aur aapki twinkle vareeyataaon mein nirmaata ka svaagat karna sambhav ho, tab bhi koi svaagat saaaincha naheen joda jaata (iska mukhya kaaran hai kisi upayukt hindi svaagat saaainche ki kami, yadi aisa koi saaaincha ho to avashya bataaeain)


  • taiging puri hone ke baad kya ek sandesh diya ja sakta hai ki prushth kuchh hi der mein pun: lod hoga ya aisa hi kuchh. aashoobaatakarein 17:19, 5 March 2012 (UTC)
naamaankan prakriya poorn hone par ek sandesh dikhta hai taiging sampoorn. haaain yeh sambhav hai ki iski jagah taig module ke samaan taiging sampoorn, prushth kuchh hi kshanon mein reelod hoga likha aae.--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 17:38, 5 March 2012 (UTC)
haaain. yadi yeh likha aae ki prushth rilod hoga to behtar hai kyonki koi bhi anajaan yoojr prushth svanya lod karne ka prayaas kar sakta hai. khaas kar un kampyootaron par jahaan net kanekshan dheema hai. aashoobaatakarein 17:48, 5 March 2012 (UTC)
kar dooainga.--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 20:59, 5 March 2012 (UTC)
  • yadi ham swayam nirmit prushthon ko hataane ke liye naamaankit karte hai to swayam ke vaarta prushth par chetaavani naheen aati. kya yeh galati hai ya jaan bujh kar kiya gaya hai? aashoobaatakarein 17:48, 5 March 2012 (UTC)
jaan-boojh kar kiya hai. vaise yadi vyaktigat naamaankan laug saksham ho to usamein iski pravishti avashya dikhaai deni chaahiye.
mere vichaar se yadi humne swayam hi prushth banaaya tha to hamaare vaarta prushth par notice ki aavashyakta naheen hai. vaise yeh saksham karna sambhav hai (twinkle preferences mein iske liye bhi ek opshan daala ja sakta hai) aur isko implement karne ke do tareeke hain:
  • ya to naamaankan ke samay hi twinkle ek javascript alert ke jriye ye kaam kar sakta hai,
  • ya fir baaki sadasyon ki hi tarah swayam ke vaarta prushth par bhi soochana saaaincha chhod sakta hai.
mere vichaar mein inmein se ek hi tareeka laagoo karna chaahiye, (aur vyaktigat roop se mujhe pehla behtar lagta hai). ispar anya sadasyon ke vichaaron ka svaagat hai.--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 20:59, 5 March 2012 (UTC)
koi baat naheen. mujhe sirf aisa laga kyonki parikshan karte vakt mujhe chetaavani naheen mili thi. pehla upaaya bhi behtar hai. swayam ke prushthon ki chetaavani milna aavashyak naheen hai. aashoobaatakarein 03:54, 6 March 2012 (UTC)

21-22 October 2012 ke adyatan

pichhle do dinon mein tvinkal main nimn adyatan kiye gaye hain:

  • ab tvinkal sheegra hataane ka naamaankan karne se pehle jaaainchata hai ki kaheen prushth pehle se hataane hetu charcha ke liye naamaankit hai ya naheen
  • oopar hui charcha ke anusaar sheegra hataane ka naamaankan sampoorn hone par taiging sampoorn, prushth kuchh hi kshanon mein reelod hoga sandesh deta hai
  • sheegra hataane sambandhit tvinkal vareeyataaon mein ek naya vikalp joda gaya hai jise saksham karne par apne banaae lekhon ko naamaankit karte samaayi ek chetaavani evam soochana milti hai
  • saajha aai.pi taiging ka yoojr intarafes ab poornataya hindi mein hai
  • tvinkal ki vareeyataaon mein jo maudyool hindi vikipeediya par kaam karte hain, unke vikalp mukhyat: hindi mein anoodit kar diye gaye hain
  • Unlink maudyool ko theek kiya gaya hai aur ab ye angreji vikipeediya jitni seemaaon tak kaam karega. iske naam ka anuvaad filhaal menyoo mein kadeetod hai (yadi isse achha chhota naam ho to avashya bataaeain)
  • Prod, Deprod evam DI vaale maudyool jo pehle aksham the, ab code se bhi hata diye gaye hain, arthaat ab kam jaavaaskript lod hogi :)
prayoktaaon ke liye prashn
  • kya hindi vikipeediya par tvinkal ke svaagat maudyool ki aavashyakta hai (chooainki s:naya sadasya sandesh pehle hi sabhi nae khaaton par svaagat sandesh jod deta hai)
  • ARV evam Warn maudyool ka kya kiya jaae (chooainki chetaavani saaainche hindi mein naheen hain aur ANI saamaan bhi yahaaain kuchh naheen hai)

--siddhaarth ghai (vaarta) 18:35, 22 October 2012 (UTC)