vikipeediya:IPA for Haitian Creole

The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Haitian Creole language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

English approximations are in some cases very loose, and only intended to give a general idea of the pronunciation. See Haitian Creole phonology for a more thorough look at the sounds of Haitian Creole.

Haitian orthography IPA Examples nearest English equivalent
b b bagay before
ch ʃ cheve shoe
d d dèaanye do
f f fig festival
g ɡ gòach gain
h h hinghang hotel
j ʒ jedi vision
k k kle sky
l l lin clean
m m moun moon
n n nòat note
ng ŋ bèal filing feeling
p p pakèat spy
r ɣ rezon [1] ruin
s s sis six
t t tonton telephone
ui ɥi luil
v v vwazen vision
w w wi [1] we
y j pye yes
z z zero zero
Haitian orthography IPA Examples nearest English equivalent
a a abako apple
an ã anpil vin blanc
e e kle clay
è ɛ fèt festival
en ɛaã mwen vin blanc
i i lide see
o o zwazo sole
ò ɔ deyò sort
on ɔaã tonton
ou u kafou who
oun ũ youn moon


  1. a aa The contrast between /ɣ/ and /w/ is lost before rounded vowels; the two phonemes merge as /w/ in that environment. Some orthographies of Haitian Creole follow the etymology of the word, using ‹ar› for /w/ before a rounded vowel where this comes from an original /ɣ/, e.g. gro /ɡaawo/ "big" (cf. French gros /ɡaaʁaao/). The official orthography follows the modern pronunciation of the word and uses ‹aw› for /w/ in all cases, so that /ɡaawo/ is spelled ‹agwo›.