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Kindly follow the undergiven steps to set up your Browser/OS for devanagari Text.

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The current condition

Script Correct rendering Your computer
Devanagari Examples.of.complex.text.rendering.Devanagari.png k + iki

Default support

For help about wikipedia's native font extension, see the extension's help page.

Wikipedia has an extension enabled which downloads an appropriate unicode font to your computer in order to display devanagari text properly. This font is cached in your browser cache. This should always display text on wikipedia correctly. It is not currently possible to disable this font download while logged out. Logged in users can disable this through their preferences.

Adding native support in your computer

You can also add native support to your system to view devanagari correctly on other websites (provided the website uses unicode).

Select your Operating System/Web Browser
  • Windows 95,98,ME and NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista & Windows 7
  • Server 2003
  • Mac OS 9 and earlier
  • Mac OS x
  • Linux and FreeBSD
  • Mozilla Firefox
Download a Unicode font

This section lists OpenType fonts, supported by Microsoft Windows and most Linux distributions. For AAT fonts (required for the Apple Macintosh), see the Mac OS X section above.

If you cannot view devanagari (hindi) text properly, you may need to install a Unicode font. You can install the default font used by wikipedia by:

  • Go to Special:WebFonts
  • Select Lohit Devanagari
  • Click on Download this font
  • Accept the download if asked to
  • Install the font on your system
  • Clear your browse cache (see help on how to do it)

This should enable you to correctly view websites using unicode devanagari.

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