saaaincha:kaam jaari

प्रलेखन प्रतीक saaaincha pralekhan[dekhein] [] [itihaas] [parj]


is saaainche ka upayog un lekhon mein kiya jaata hain, jinhein sakriya roop se theek karne ki aavashyakta hoti hai. kisi bade sakriya yogadaan hetu krupaya is saaainche ke sthaan par {{Inuse}} upayog karein

In general, this template should not be used for new articles with little content. Instead, the sandbox should be used to develop the article so that it has reasonable content when it is copied into namespace.

lekh jismein is saaainche ko lagaaya jaata hai, usamein apne aap hi shreni:prushth jinpar kaam jaari hai naamak shreni jud jaati hai. aap is mein |placedby= (sadasya naam ke saath) naamak praachal jod kar yeh bata sakte hain ki ismein kis ne is saaainche ko joda hai, jisse anya sadasyon ko aap se sampark karne mein aasaani hogi..

yadi aap kisi lekh mein iska upayog naheen kar rahe hain, aur apne sadasya prushth aadi mein iska upayog kar rahe hain, jo abhi taiyaar naheen hua hai to aap {{Under construction|notready=true}} likh sakte hain, jo neeche dikhaaye gaye saaainche jaise dikhega.:

yadi aap koi tippani bhi jodna chaahate hain to aap |comment= bhi jod sakte hain.

yeh saaaincha kai naamasthaan mein upayog hota hai, jismein yeh {{mbox}} ka upayog karta hai. yeh apne aap hi naamasthaan jaan leta hai aur uske hisaab se apna roop bhi parivrtit kar leta hai.

Blank template

{{under construction |placedby= |notready= |comment= |category= |altimage= }}


  • altimage - provide an alternate image for the template. Should be a complete file tag, ie: [[File:Dylan Construction.jpg|74x64px]]
  • category - a category (must be prefixed with the "Category:" namespace identifier and enclosed in double square brackets). If omitted, and the template is not used in either the "User:" or "User talk:" namespaces, the page is placed in Category:Pages actively undergoing construction.
  • comment - free-form text. If present, the text "Contributor note:" is shown followed by the content of |comment=.
  • notready - value is immaterial, but if present, and not blank, adds the text ", and is not yet ready for use" following the word "revamping".
  • placedby - user name of the person placing the template.

See also

  • A tool reports pages containing 'under construction' notices ranked by the time since last edit
  • {{newpage}}, for newly created pages still under construction
  • {{increation}} to use this template when multiple edits are being made to add content immediately after creating the article
  • {{inuse}}, for articles actively undergoing a major edit for a short while to list them in Category:Pages actively undergoing a major edit
  • {{Hangon}}, to contest a speedy deletion tag
  • {{Underdiscussion}}, for a non main page undergoing active discussion on its talk page
  • {{Deletion under review}}, to prevent deletion nomination until the review process is complete
  • Wikipedia:Deletion of newly created pages, regarding preventing pages from getting deleted while they are brand new.