pramaan ya siddhi (Proof) nimnalikhit arthon mein prayukt ho sakta hai:

  • aisi daleel jo paripoorn (rigorous) evam vaadhyakaari ho
    • pramaan (bhaarateeya darshan)
    • aupachaarik pramaan (Formal proof)
    • ganiteeya pramaan (Mathematical proof)
    • siddhi siddhaant (Proof theory), a branch of mathematical logic that represents proofs as formal mathematical objects
    • tarkapoorn kathan (Logical argument)
    • kaanooni saakshya (Evidence)
  • vibhinn prakaar ke jaaainch, pareekshan evam maapan aadi
    • Proofing (baking technique), the process by which a yeast-leavened dough rises, also called “aproving”
    • Proofreading
    • Artist's proof, a single print taken during the printmaking process
    • Proof coinage, a coin made as an example of a particular strike
    • Proof test, for a firearm
    • Homeopathic proving, testing a substance's effect on the body
    • Galley proof, a preliminary version of a publication
    • Proof (alcohol), a measure of an alcoholic drink's strength