paalakkaad jila

[Edit] Name

Several times before was known as Palakkad Palakkattussery. Some etymologists word "Palakkad word" Trace Palanilam, which means dry land "". Generally held perception that the name is a fusion of two Malayalam words, Pala one tree (Alstonia scholaris) Palakkad that are found in abundance, and Kadu, which means forest. 
[Edit] History 

Paddy fields was a part of Menplkkd Malabar Palakkad district of Madras Presidency (the secret, until 1947), it came under royal state Cochin and Madras State (from 1947 to 1956). A separate district of Kerala when the state was established in 1956. 
[Edit] Geography 

As seen in mountains Nelliampathi lies in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu Nemmara Ganvpurw. This is primarily a rural district. Due to the presence of Palakkad, Kerala Palakkad gateway Gapmen Western Ghats. District's total area is 4480 km ² of the state sector is 11.5%. 4,480 km ², 1360 about the total area of km ² of land is covered with forests. Midland District in fall (75–250 m elevation) in most parts, except Nelliampathy - Parambikulam in Chittur Taluk in the south and Attappadi - Malampuzha answers, which are dropping in mountainous and highland areas (elevation> 250 m) in the region. Are some significant peaks in the district in Anginda (2325 meters), Karimala (1998 meters), Nellikotta or Padagiri (1585 meters) and Karimala Gopuram (1439 m). 
Climate is hot and humid, for most part of the year. Palakkad in Kerala is one of the hottest places. There is adequate rainfall. Many small and medium rivers of the district, which is blessed with tributaries of the river Bharathapuzha. The number of dams have been built in these rivers, the largest being Malampuzha dam. Volume is the largest capacity dam Parambikulam [2] 
[Edit] Administration 

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As an administrative unit of the present Palakkad district, formed in January of 1957, comprised of Palakkad, Perinthalmanna, Ponnani, Ottappalam, Alathur and Chittur. When June 16, 1969 in Malappuram district, Ponnani Taluk formed on the left (was Thrithala firka (Tehsil) and villages Vadakkekad, Punnayur and Punnayurkulam and which Perinthalmanna Taluk Mankada and firka Perinthalmanna Karkidamkunnu and Chethalloor except firka amsoms) were transferred to Malappuram district was. A new Tehsil namely Mannarghat, Erstwile Perinthalmanna Taluk was formed by group of 19 villages. While retaining Ottappalam Trithala firka with tehsil, rural Vadakkekad, Punnayur and Punnayurkulam been brought under the Tehsil Chowghat Thrissur district. Added Tirur village Tehsil Tehsil Paradur is Ottappalam. Excerpted from the Palakkad Malappuram district Karavarakund village have been added recently. The present Palakkad district, two Revenue Department, there are five taluks and 163 villages. Revenue Department are Palakkad and Ottappalam. Palakkad, Alathur Palakkad and Chittur taluks form Ottappalam Revenue Department and Revenue Department Ottappalam and Mannarghat taluks form. There are 13 development blocks and 90 panchayats in the district. District has a total area of 4480 km ². 
[Edit] Administrative units 
Taluks - 5 
C.D. Block - 13 
Municipalities - 4 
Corporation - Nobody 
Panchayats - 91 
Revenue villages - 163 
Parliamentary constituency - 2 
Assembly Constituency 12 - (after delimitation) [need clarification] 
District Panchayats - 1 
District Panchayat constituencies - 26 
Block Panchayats - 13 
Block Panchayat Constituencies - 141 
Grama Panchayats - 91 
Grama Panchayat constituencies - 1178 
Municipal Councils - 4 
Municipal constituencies - 130 
Total Population 2,617,072 (2001 census) 
[Edit] Municipalities of Palakkad district 
Chittur - Tathamangalam 
[Edit] Palakkad district of Kerala Assembly seats 
Sreekrishnapuram, Kuzhalmannam Kollengode constituencies and will be deleted, while Kongad, Shoranur, Nemmara Tarur constituencies and will be made during the next general election, as a result of delimitation Kerala assembly, the total number of seats from 12 Palakkad district is coming under growing. 
[Edit] District Panchayat 
Under the revised Constitution of India, decentralized planning has been implemented in the state. In town is the headquarters of Palakkad District Panchayat. District Panchayat office building near Civil Station. 
[Edit] Economy 
Agriculture is the main occupation. The major crop is paddy. Palakkad is known as the Rice Bowl of Kerala. But in recent times, rice cultivation due to high wages and low cost has become unviable. Hence farmers have turned to other crops and area under rice cultivation has come down considerably. In areas bordering Tamil Nadu, as crops such as sugarcane, peanuts, tomatoes, jasmine etc. are cultivated. Rubber in the hilly areas is the main crop. Vegetables like pumpkin, ash gourd, bitter gourd, Bangnadi cultivation is now widespread. Tamarind, neem, mango and palm trees are seen in abundance in Palakkad, as in Tamil Nadu. District for the export of mango and tamarind is a major center. Gudha the Chinese lost is made from sugarcane Chittur Taluk. 
In Palakkad district, there is a big city. Even a medium sized district headquarters town. No large shopping malls or in large hospitals. Generally, people need to go to Coimbatore for these. But recently, the Kerala chief jeweler opened showrooms in Palakkad town. 
[Edit] Industry 

Rice straw, usually seen in front of homes pile of Palakkad district. There are various industries in the district. Public sector companies [3] and instrumentation Limited Kanjikode, 12 km from Palakkad town in the plant. Other big companies are BPL Group, Coca Cola and Pepsi. There a number of medium industries is an industrial Kanjikode area. 
Established in 1976, ITI Palakkad unit limited large digital switches and digital trunk exchanges manufacturing in cooperation with SM / Alcatel of France. Its structure is based on a highly productive plant, it is a modern facility for PCB manufacturing (including multi-layer boards) assembly and automated testing and environmental testing laboratory with facilities SMT line. ITI Palakkad with ISO 9000 approval (construction) and ISO 14000 standards (Environmental Management System) quality. 
Fluid Control Research Institute FCRI (), calibration, testing and measurement standards for various liquid flow on one of the state of art facility is located in the Kanjikode. 
[Edit] Demographics 

Generally, made of a simple bamboo fence is seen in the villages of Palakkad district.'s Main religion Hinduism, with the many nations represented: including Nair (Menons and Panickers), Pisharody Malayalam (Vaishnavite Ambalavasi), Vaisya caste Hindu (Moothan, Guptan, Mannadiar and Tharakan) Ezhava, Ezhuthachan, Namboothiri Malayalam (Brahmin), Iyer (Tamil Brahmin), Chettiar (equivalent Naidu Telugu), as well as artisan communities such carpenter (Asari) as, goldsmith (Thattan), blacksmith (Kollan) and wet (Kusavan). Some tribal people living in forest areas in Palakkad district. Were traditionally the warrior caste Nair. Now he is actively in India and abroad including several business areas. Late Sri MG Ramachandran was a Nair family in Palakkad district. As temple priest Namboothiris work. Once a time they were very influential landlords. Some also astrology and medicine Namboothiri families were known for their knowledge. Ezhuthachans Ezhavas and most farmers, among them have now been educated in all areas of work. 
Malayalam is widely spoken. Palakkad district in Tamil Nadu as, population (approximately 25%) is close to a significant percentage Tamil [4]. There is also a large community of Telugu speakers, a strike force members who decided to emigrate to the region from. 
Tamil Brahmins of Palakkad (Palakkad Iyers) are people who escape from the bus in Palakkad district in Tanjore District Tamil Nadu State. 
[Edit] Moothans - Karnaki people 

Mr. Killikkurussi Mahadeva Kshetram (Shiva temple Killikkurussimangalam). Karnaki one of Kerala's temple where Goddess Karnaki (is believed to be an incarnation of Parvati) he is worshiped as complete idolic. The temple situated at Palakkad City Circle - Moothanthara's (now called Karnaki city), is one of your people dwelling Karnaki Moothans, the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu who had come into historical time. 
The main attractions of this temple is one way in which traditional worship rituals are performed here and in Visalakshi Sametha Shivmndir (Shiva-Parvathy Temple) in a single campus. For Karnaki Goddess, worship Kerala Kerala Brahmins form methods (Namboothiris) and Shiva temple is managed by the Tamil form of Shaiva ritual practices is done through out Tamil Brahmin priests. 
Enjoy the cultural mix of devotees while they visit this temple and they can come out after prayers. Already exists or other Tamil caste groups against neighboring states speak, Moothans both cultures accepted. While his original marks in Tamil, they only speak Malayalam. And around Palakkad in this one has produced unique cultural lifestyle. Even the temple's architecture reflects a mix of two cultures. 
Tamil Brahmins of Palakkad deserve special mention. In Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu for centuries before they have to go, at the invitation of the ruler, Palakkad. [Who?] They settled in 96 villages were called in Agraharams different parts of the district. They are basically priests. As part of our cultural heritage, they began in Carnatic music and Bharatnatyam dance. Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, Palghat Mani Iyer, and M. D. Ramanathan Carnatic music in the area are some of the major local names. 
[Edit] Other Groups 
Muslims are in majority in Malappuram district bordering areas. Almost every family here has male relatives working in the Gulf region. Due to remittances from these people, the economic sector has improved in recent years. 
From the earliest Christians were in Thrissur district, near the bus Melarcode 1550 CE as coconut oil and spice merchant. Later, Christian went for the district of Palakkad and Idukki and Kottayam district, the hills have their homes. 
[Edit] Transport 
Palakkad junction is an important South Railway Station. Places like Pollachi, Dindigul and Madurai meter gauge track are linked up here. But for the people of district meter gauge trains are the lifeline, vegetables, fish and dairy products bring. Southern Railway Junction Railway Station, near Palakkad Palghat Division office is located. Trains coming from north and south Tamil Nadu, Kerala is removed from Shoranur station in Palakkad district. Here there is train service to Calicut, Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Shoranur and Nilambur. 
A middle class has a network of roads Palakkad. Salem - Kanyakumari National Highway 47 and Palakkad - Kozhikode district, National Highway 213 pass through. Another important road is the Palakkad - Ponnani road which connects NH 47 and NH 17. 
At the nearest airport is 60 km away from Coimbatore is the city. It provides connections to all parts of India. Air Deccan, SpiceJet, JetLite, Kingfisher Airlines, Goair, Paramount Airways, Indian Airlines and Air India's leading operators. 
[Edit] Festival 

Nemmara vela. 
Nelliampathi way and the mountains from the dam Pothundi Nemmara. [Edit] Valliya Aaraattu - Karnaki Amman Temple - Moothanthara 
One of the main festivals "Valiya Aarratu festival" which in the Malayalam month is celebrated for seven days Medam Masam Punertham Star Moothan community. Valiya Arrattu day, Annadhanam (meals) are given as prasadam, the largest such event held in Palakkad. For organizing this event entirely Karnaki content by the devotees who, sponsored by and large traders are doing. 
[Edit] Velas 
In the month of March and April, crop, after the festival are invited vela is celebrated in several villages. These festivals caparisoned elephants, collision equipment is built to meet a parade of a traditional orchestra called (Panchavadyam, Thayambaka, Pandimelam, etc.) and fireworks. These festivals are very popular, attracting people from neighboring districts. Nemmara Vallangi vela, Chinakkathur Pooram Pooram one of the most prominent Palappuram and Vayilliamkunnu Kadampazhipuram. The most entertaining festivals in Palakkad Thumbalamkad Vishnu is one of vela. The Vishu day is celebrated on April 14 (Onnu Chingam). With the end of the season comes Velaha Mangalam vela, which usually happens in the month of May. 

Kuthiras (horse) Chinakkattur used Pooram. [Edit] Other major festivals 
Another important festival Kalpathi Ratholsavam. The Tamil Brahmin is a festival. A procession at various temples are gods chariot. It is believed that God leaves people to look at these days 
Festival celebrated every year in The Navrathri Kodunthirapully village is also famous. The village is the same festival two groups, but one has the distinction of celebrating the second Ashtami and congratulations on (different day celebration cycle), competitive advantage, often many. Festival ended with a parade of elephants caprisoned, panchavadyam, music and stage shows a fireworks display. 
Pattambi Nercha - celebrations around the second Sunday in February Pattambi Aloor Valiya Pookoya area in memory of Thangal. [Who?] 
ek aur bahut prasiddh tyohaar hai "Puthur yeh vela. "vaarshik Puthur" shri Thirupuraykal dvaara April maah ke dauraan aayojit tyohaar hai Bhagavathy Kshetram"jahaaain 15 haathiyon prasiddh" Kudamattom pradarshan 'ke liye ekajut ho jaaen. Thayambaka aur panchavadhyam tyohaar ke liye sangeet pradaan karte hain. 
vaarshik Ultsavam par Thiruvegappura mahaaveer Kshetram bhakton ke liye ek bada aakarshan hai. 
vaarshik Sivarathri palakkad nagarapaalika ke poorv Vennakkara mein tyohaar Shiv ke sammaan mein hai. 
[sanpaadit karein] mishrit anya samaaroh 
Kongan Pada—aChittur 
Manappullikavu vela 
Vadakkanthara vela (ek baar har 3 varsh) 
Koduvayoor Ratholsavam 
Tattamangalam Kuthira vela 
Kannyar kaali par Vadavannur, Coyalmannam, Puthucode 
Thattamangalam Ayyappan pashchim gaanv mein samaaroh 
Pattanchery Kummatty, Karivela, Pavakoothu aur Koothabhishekam ke baad 
maathur Kooth tyauhaar (April-May), maathur Padinjharethara Kalikavil Bhagawathy mandir, maathur, palakkad. 
shri Krishna jayanti (saalagirh), shri Krishna mandir, Kunnathurmedu, palakkad. 
[sanpaadit karein] pooja ka sthaan 
shri Parakkad Bhagavathy Kavaserry mein mandir mein Alathur hai Kavaserry ke liye mashahoor Pooram. 
Kaikkottu Bagavathy mandir bahut prasiddh hai. "Kumbabishekam" April ke maheene mein har saal manaaya jaata hai. 
Anjaneya yahova (hanumaan) mandir ke andar palakkad kile kai bhakton ko aakarshit karti hai. 
Chittur kavu—aadevi mandir. 
Manappulli kavu - devi mandir. 
Pudussery kavu - ek devi mandir. vaarshik pooram tyohaar mein Pudussery mein shuroo hota hai malayalam maheene ke meenam. 
Pallassena kavu - ek se 20 kimi sthit mandir palakkad shahar. 
Bhagwan Shiv Brahmeeswaran () mandir mein sthit Karimpuzha gaanv, palakkad shahar se 25 kimi. 
Bhagwan Shiv (Kasi vishvanaathan) mein sthit mandir Kalpathy, palakkad shahar se 2.5 kimi. 
Killikkurussi Mahadeva mandir Killikkurussimangalam mein lagbhag 8 kimi se Ottappalam nagar. 
Vaazhaali Bhagavathi mandir, Nellikkurissi, Mulanjoor, Ottappalam. 
shri Kurumba mandir, Karakurissi. 
Chenakkathoor kavu, Ottappalam. 
shri Periya Maariyamman Kovil, Sakthi nagar, Melamuri, palakkad. 
Mangottu Kavu mandir, Athipotta, palakkad 
shri Puliilla Bhagavathy mandir, Karingarapully. 
Bhagwan subramaniya mandir - Kodumbu. 
Bhagwan Shiv mandir -- Pattanchery. 
Puthanalkkal mandir - Cherpulasseri 
peruvmba KALLENCHIRA CHAMUNDESWARI pongal par fravari ya March 
[sanpaadit karein] schoolon aur kaalejon 
vahaaain schoolon aur collegeon ke engineering collegeon sahit ek number, rahe hain. sarkaar Victoria college (3) 1866 mein sthaapit kiya gaya aur iske poorv chhaatr ke roop mein anek pratishthit vyaktiyon ko diya hai. ve shaamil E. M. S nanboodireepaad (der se communist party neta), ti. N sheshanapoorv mukhya chunaav aayukt, E. shreedharan, vaastukaar ki konkan railway aur Delhi metro, lekhak ki tarah O vi vijyan aur M. ti. vaasudevan Nair aur kaartoonist ravi shankar. 
enaesaes ke engineering college (4) ek sanstha hai dvaara 1960 mein sthaapit Nair service society. is engineering college mein snaatak pravesh yogyata kram par Kerala engineering pravesh pareeksha mein aadhaarit hai. seaton ki sankhya ek bada saamaajik roop se bhi vanchit jaatiyon aur dhaarmik alpasankhyakon ko aise musalmaanon ke roop mein, se sambandhit chhaatron ke liye aarakshit hain. pramukh engineering vibhaagon bijli aur ilektraaniks, maikenikl, audyogik hain aur civil engineering. 
The Chembai smaarak sangeet college, gavarnameint college Chitturaur enaesaes college Nemmara palakkad mein bade collegeon mein se kuchh hain. 
[sanpaadit karein] palakkad se prasiddh log 
Punnasseri Nambi Neelakanta sharma 
E. M. S nanboodireepaad 
ti. N sheshan 
E. shreedharan 
O vi vijyan 
M. ti. vaasudevan Nair 
ke.pi. Narayan Pisharody 
ti. pi. bhaaskar panikkar 
E. pi. gopaalan 
shashi tharoor 
Mundoor Krishnankutty 
Mundoor Sethumadhavan 
[sanpaadit karein] byaaj ki Places 

uttari deevaar ke baahar se dekhein palakkad fort."Anjumoorthy Managalam, palakkad ke ek gaanv, par Anjumoorthy mandir" ek anokha mandir hai. yeh Bhaarat mein hi mandir maana jaata hai jahaan sudarshan chakr, ek teji se kataai Bhagwan vishnu dvaara kiye pahiya, praathamik devata hai. vishvaas hai ki sudarshan Chakram swayam prakat (Swayambhukshetr mein), jahaaain ab mandir khada hai. 
palakkad kile - shahar ke dil mein sthit, yeh sabse khoobsoorat aur sabse surakshit kile mein Kerala, veerata aur saahas ke kai puraane kisse yaad karte hain. kile, jo 1766 mein vaapas taareekhon dvaara banaaya gaya tha haidar Ali ka Mysore. 1784 mein ek ghera, jo gyaarah din, british Colonel tak chali ke baad William Fullarton 1754-1808 () fort pahunche. baad mein ise ke haathon mein gir gaya Zamorin'sainikon, par 1790 mein angrejon dvaara pun: kabja tha. yeh achhi tarah se sanrakshit bhi hai teepoo kile ke roop mein jaana jaata hai ke baad fort teepoo sultaan haidar Ali ke bete. yeh ki raksha ki ja rahi hai bhaarateeya puraatatv sarvekshan. 
Malampuzha baandh udyaan - par ek badi sinchaai baandh Bharatapuzha nadi, ke aadhaar par pashchimi ghaat. vahaaain khoobsoorat udyaanon, bachchon ke liye ek manoranjan park aur ek nauka vihaar ki suvidha jalaashaya par hain. 
Parambikulam vanyajeev abhayaaranya, 285 km ² mein faila. palakkad aur ke nikat se 135 kimi door hai indira Gandhi raashtreeya park aur vanyajeev abhayaaranya mein tamil naadu. iske alaava haathiyon ke nivaas sthaan, jangali sooar ja raha hai, saanbharajangali bhainson ki, gvaar, magaramachh aur kuchh baaghon aur painthars, yeh ardh ki ek ameer vargeekaran-ushnakatibandheeya paudhon aur pedon hai. jungle mein treking poorv anumati ke saath ki anumati di hai. nauka vihaar jheel par kiya ja sakta hai. Cannimare saagaun ped, jismein kaha gaya hai ki ho raha hai Asia ka sabse bada, Thunakadavu ke paas yahaaain hai. 
chup ghaati raashtreeya udyaan - ek moti varsha vanakai durlabh prajaati ke saath, yeh raha hai ki ghoshana ki ek raashtreeya udyaan. yeh 80 kimi hai. se palakkad. yeh lokapriya 'sadaabahaar van "aur kami ki vajah se apni bhayaanak chuppi ke liye not ke roop mein jaana jaata hai cicadashai, jo kaheen aur aam baat hai. yeh ek mahatvapoorn hai baayosfeeyar reserve pashchimi ghaat mein aur ghar ka aadivaasi log. ghaati ke liye ek praakrutik vaas hai durlabh sher-poonchh makaak. park mein bhi baaghon ke liye sanrakshit kshetr hai. 
Killikkurussimangalam - janm sthaan se Kunchan Nambiar, mahaan malayalam vyangya kavi aur ke nirmaata Ottamthullal kala ke roop mein. ek gaanv mein use ddeicated pustakaalaya hai. bahut prasiddh aur puraani Killikkurussi Shiv mandir yahaaain sthit hai. ghar ka abhinay (abhinay) praadhikaari, Natyacharya Vidushakaratnam padm shri guru mani maadhav Chakyar (jo liya Koodiyattam nai oonchaaiyon ko), bhi gaanv ke ek vishesh saanskrutik aakarshan hai. mani maadhav Chakyar Smaraka Gurukulam, ek Koodiyattam ki shiksha ke liye samarpit school, ek hi sthal par sthit hai. 

shri Killikkurussi Mahadeva Kshetram Shiv Kiillikkurussimangalam ke mandir 
mein ek chhota jharana Nelliyampathi pahaadon.Nelliyampathi - ke roop mein jaana ooti ke Kerala, palakkad se lagbhag 80 kimi. ye lakeerein ki ek shrrunkhala ke beech jungle mein ek pahaadi station ek doosare se andhere sadaabahaar vanon ki ghaatiyon se kaat raha hai 
Sholayar - jile mein sabse oonchi choti, kaufi aur chai baagaanon ke saath. 
Attappady ke baare mein - 38 kimi. poorvottar ki Mannarkkad. yeh anthropologists ke liye ek mahaan byaaj ki jagah naheen hai, kai ke roop mein Irulas aur Mudugars yahaaain rahate hain. ye aadivaasi pooja parvat shikhar ek vishaal roop Malleswaran Shiv Lingam. is shikhar aur nadi bhavaani mahaan pauraanik mahatva ke gotraaon ke liye kar rahe hain. 
Walayar baandh - yeh chaaron or palakkad shahar se 25 Kerala aur Tamil Nadu ki seema par kimi hai. yeh ek sthaan par aasaani se sulabh hai. vahaaain bhi hai ek hiran se 3 kimi door sthit park Walayar. 
Chulanur - ek mor abhayaaranya. 
Dhoni - ek aarakshit van kshetr ke baare mein 15 kimi. se palakkad. is jungle mein kai ek chhoti lekin shaanadaar jharana sahit dilchasp jagahein. site teen ghante ki Dhoni ki pahaadiyon ke aadhaar se khaasi lambi chadhaai ke baad pahuncha ja sakta hai. 
jain Jainimedu ke mandir - palakkad shahar ki pashchimi seema par sthit hai, na ki railway station se door, ek aitihaasik jain mandir hai. mandir ke chaaron or sthaan Jainimedu ke roop mein jaana jaata hai. yeh Kerala mein kuchh sthaanon mein se ek hai jahaan jain dharm bach gaya hai. grenaait deevaarein sajaavat se rahit hain. 32 X 20 feet jain mandir ke chitron ke saath chaar prabhaagon ke hote hain Thirthankaras aur Yakshinis unamein se teen mein. kumaaran aasan usaki badi kavita likhi veena Poovu (gir gaya ek jain yahaaain ghar par pushp) apne guru shri ke saath ek sankshipt pravaas ke dauraan Narayan guru.