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gair-mukt media prayog auchitya - non-free logo soni entaratenamaint television (Bhaarat) ke liye

This is a logo owned by malti media screen for soni TV. Further details: yeh soni entaratenamaint television (Bhaarat) ka logo hai.


The logo is from the chitr ka jaalasthal website.


soni entaratenamaint television (Bhaarat)

prayukt bhaag

The entire logo is used to convey the meaning intended and avoid tarnishing or misrepresenting the intended image.

kam risolyooshan?

The logo is of a size and resolution sufficient to maintain the quality intended by the company or organization, without being unnecessarily high resolution.

upayog ka uddeshya

The image is used to identify the organization soni TV, a subject of public interest. The significance of the logo is to help the reader identify the organization, assure the readers that they have reached the right article containing critical commentary about the organization, and illustrate the organization's intended branding message in a way that words alone could not convey.

badla ja sakta hai?

Because it is a logo there is almost certainly no free equivalent. Any substitute that is not a derivative work would fail to convey the meaning intended, would tarnish or misrepresent its image, or would fail its purpose of identification or commentary.

anya jaankaari

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