mool faail(SVG faail, saadhaaranat: 48 × 48 peeksels, faailaka aakaar: 5 KB)
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English: A symbol that conveys the concept of "copyright protection". Modification of File:Commons-emblem-copyright.svg, based on File:Commons-emblem-query.svg.
dinaank (UTC)
(is faail ki pun: upayog)
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anya sanskaranon

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Trademark Warning Symbol.svg

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Original upload log

This image is a derivative work of the following images:

  • File:Commons-emblem-restricted-permission.svg licensed with GPL
    • 2010-04-22T18:42:26Z FleetCommand 48x48 (7309 Bytes) Minor fix
    • 2010-01-07T09:03:58Z FleetCommand 48x48 (7297 Bytes) Uploaded version 1.1: The color of central C is changed.
    • 2010-01-07T07:12:53Z FleetCommand 48x48 (7297 Bytes) {{Information |Description={{en|Modification of [[:File:Commons-emblem-copyright.svg]], based on [[:File:Commons-emblem-query.svg]].}} |Source=*[[:File:Commons-emblem-copyright.svg|]] *[[:File:Commons-emblem-query.svg|]] |Dat

Composed with derivativeFX but manually uploaded due to initial upload failure

faail ka itihaas

faailaka puraana avataran dekhne ke liye dinaank/samay par klik karein.

dinaank/samay angoothaakaar praaroop aakaar sadasya pratikriya
vartamaan 01:51, 28 May 2010 01:51, 28 मई 2010 के संस्करण का अंगूठाकार प्रारूप। 48 × 48 (5 KB) Zscout370 Simple SVG saving in Inkscape
19:09, 22 April 2010 19:09, 22 अप्रैल 2010 के संस्करण का अंगूठाकार प्रारूप। 48 × 48 (7 KB) FleetCommand {{Information |Description={{en|A symbol that conveys the concept of "copyright protection". Modification of File:Commons-emblem-copyright.svg, based on File:Commons-emblem-query.svg.}} |Source= *[[:File:Commons-emblem-restricted-permission.svg|

100 se adhik prushth is faail se judate hain. nimnokt soochi faail se judane vaale 100 prushth dikhaati hai. poori soochi bhi upalabdh hai.

vaishvik faail upayog

is faail ka upayog nimn anya vikiyon mein hai:

is faail ke vaishvik upayog ki adhik jaankaari dekhein.