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sheershak The Rashtrakuta Empire 750-900BC

Map showing the extent of the Rashtrakuta empires.

Extent of Rashtrakuta Empire, 780 C.E.
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International Borders: University of Texas map library - India Political map 2001
Disputed Borders: University of Texas map library - China-India Borders - Eastern Sector 1988 & Western Sector 1988 - Kashmir Region 2004 - Kashmir Maps.
State and District boundaries: Census of India - 2001 Census State Maps - Survey of India Maps.
Other sources: US Army Map Service, Survey of India Map Explorer, Columbia University

Map specific sources: "John Keay, History of India, 2000, Grove publications, New York, ISBN 0-8021-3797-0" page 198.
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Nuvola apps important.svgThe frontiers depicted on the Indian maps in Wikipedia are from a neutral point of view and may differ from official government maps of India, Pakistan and China. Please consult local laws governing publication of maps before usage.
Geotemporal data
Map date second half of [// 20 century] aur 21 century
Map projection Conic
Bounding box
38°a04′aN 64°a13′aE / 38.06°aN 64.21°aE / 38.06; 64.21 38°a34′aN 100°a03′aE / 38.57°aN 100.05°aE / 38.57; 100.05
Square with corners.svg
5°a07′aN 68°a26′aE / 5.12°aN 68.44°aE / 5.12; 68.44 5°a36′aN 96°a52′aE / 5.60°aN 96.87°aE / 5.60; 96.87
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Depiction of India's Borders[sampaadan]

  • The territorial boundaries of India are shown as per the actual ground situation in accordance with international practices followed by the United Nations and the National Geographic Society
  • This map is meant to be for illustrative purpose only and is not authenticated by official government sources. Please check the list of sources and references used to create the map for a measure of accuracy and verifiability.
  • The usage of thomhese maps in India, Pakistan and China are governed by different laws that restrict depictions of boundaries other than what is officially recognized by the state. Please check local laws and modify the map accordingly before use

Explanation of disputed boundaries[sampaadan]

India Pakistan China Disputed Areas Map.png
Kashmir map.svg
  • Boundary of Indian claim : The territory India claims is legally theirs, but the claim is disputed by China and Pakistan.
  • Line of Control/Line of Conflict : The defacto administrative boundary recognised by the international community. This UN ceasefire Line is considered as a temporary solution to an ongoing conflict since the departure of the British Raj.

Borders of disputed regions[sampaadan]

The extent of the former territory of the British Indian Empire, seceeded by Republic of India depicted on this map may not be accepted by most countries as legal due to ongoing border disputes:

  • Minor areas of eastern Kashmir's Ladakh division, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand on the Chinese frontier are claimed by China. These areas are under Indian control.
  • A small area of Uttarakhand adjoining the Nepal border along the Sarda river is disputed between the two countries.

For a detailed map of all disputed regions in South Asia, see Image:India disputed areas map.svg

Internal borders[sampaadan]

The borders of the state of Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh is shown as interpreted from the North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Act, 1971, but has yet to be verified.

Territorial Waters[sampaadan]

The limit of the territorial waters of India extends to twelve nautical miles measured from the appropriate baseline. See this for more information.

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