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English: Satellite picture of the island of Hawai'i
  • Hawaii, the archipelago's youngest and largest island, is featured in this low-oblique, north-looking photograph. Apparent are the three main volcanoes that have created the big island—aMauna Loa [13 679 feet (4169 meters)], the easiest to recognize with its rift zone and dark, riblike basalt lava flows that radiate outward from the higher elevations; brownish-looking Mauna Kea, slightly taller at 13 796 feet (4205 meters), but lacking the dramatic appearance of Mauna Loa; and Kilauea near the south-eastern coast. The multiple craters of Kilauea [4078 feet (1243 meters)] are not easily discernible in this photograph. Kilauea and Mauna Loa continue to be two of the world's most active shield volcanoes as they periodically add new acreage to the big island.
Españaol: Foto satelital de la isla de Hawaii
Françaais : Vue satellite de l'îale Hawai'i avec le Mauna Loa au premier plan
Italiano: Immagine presa dal satellite dell'isola di Hawaii, la maggiore delle otto isole principali dello stato
Polski: Satelitarne zdjęaacie wyspy Hawaii
中a文a(a简a体a)a‎: 夏aa威aa夷aa岛aa的aa卫aa星aa照aa片
中a文a(a简a体a)a‎: 夏aa威aa夷aa島aa的aa衛aa星aa照aa片
lekhak Earth Sciences and Image Analysis, NASA-Johnson Space Center
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Photo source: STS61A-50-57.

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