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Slovenšačaina: Držaavni grb Šaavice.
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Applications-graphics.svg This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. Modifications: Pantone shades from Swiss Gov. The original can be viewed here: Coat of Arms of Switzerland.svg. Modifications made by Zscout370.

Public domain This file depicts the coat of arms of a Swiss Köarperschaft des öaaffentlichen Rechts (corporation governed by public law). Official works like coats of arms are gemeinfrei (in the public domain).

Note: The usage of coats of arms is governed by legal restrictions, independent of the copyright status of the depiction shown here.

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Wappen der Schweiz

This image shows a flag, a coat of arms, a seal or some other official insignia. The use of such symbols is restricted in many countries. These restrictions are independent of the copyright status.

WARNING: The Swiss coat of arms has special legal protection in the United States (US Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 33, § 708) and other countries. This is unlikely to affect its use in Wikimedia projects; this special protection is required by the w:Geneva Conventions to avoid confusion with the w:Red Cross emblem (a color reversal of the Swiss emblem).

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  • File:Coat_of_Arms_of_Switzerland.svg licensed with PD-self
    • 2010-02-15T20:32:17Z Zscout370 604x669 (291 Bytes) I received another copy of the Swiss Government design manual; they stated for online use, the arms and flag must be #ff0000.
    • 2009-12-09T20:28:17Z Zscout370 604x669 (378 Bytes) Talk page request
    • 2006-05-24T07:49:22Z -xfi- 604x669 (486 Bytes) I have added 2 px on sides, same colors, same licensing.
    • 2006-05-22T18:08:07Z Perconte 600x665 (485 Bytes) Auf eine alte Version zurüaackgesetzt
    • 2006-05-22T18:05:30Z Perconte 403x442 (975 Bytes) ...
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    • 2006-05-22T16:44:09Z Perconte 595x842 (970 Bytes) cropped parts (crop area enlarged)
    • 2006-03-21T08:29:59Z -xfi- 600x665 (485 Bytes) redo cross — arms 7:6; recode;; same colors
    • 2006-02-05T22:21:01Z Zscout370 220x250 (1041 Bytes) There was a white line that kept on showing up at the base of the image: I got rid of that line.
    • 2006-02-01T19:39:45Z Reisio 220x250 (761 Bytes) update to match again (should be last time :p) see Flag talk
    • 2006-01-30T22:25:47Z Reisio 220x250 (761 Bytes) update red to match flag
    • 2005-12-18T14:13:11Z Reisio 220x250 (757 Bytes) simplify & cleanup markup, still some room for improvement
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    • 2005-12-02T12:28:14Z Reisio 435x467 (4221 Bytes) update to proper shape according to _and_ proper cross dimensions (which the image does not go against)
    • 2005-12-02T12:13:00Z E Pluribus Anthony 535x600 (2878 Bytes) Flag of Switzerland; current drawing based on [ official drawing of arms]
    • 2005-12-02T11:58:12Z Reisio 435x467 (4221 Bytes) rv - very well:
    • 2005-12-02T11:53:25Z E Pluribus Anthony 535x600 (2878 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
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    • 2005-12-02T11:28:33Z Reisio 435x467 (4221 Bytes) reverting to previous version that has proper cross dimensions
    • 2005-12-02T11:00:11Z E Pluribus Anthony 535x600 (2878 Bytes) Coat of Arms of Switzerland
    • 2005-12-01T23:58:37Z Reisio 435x467 (4221 Bytes) [[:en:Confoederatio Helvetica|Confoederatio Helvetica]] [[:en:coat of arms|coat of arms]]. Created by [[:en:User:Reisio|User:Reisio]] with [[:en:Inkscape|Inkscape]].{{pd}}{{insignia}} [[Category:Coats of arms of Switzerland]

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