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English: Bhimbetka rock shelters: The paintings found at Bhimbetka Caves, MP are about 10000 years old. A five or six thousand years old skeleton was also unearthed during the excavation of this site.

It is also said that Pandavas, during theie exile stopped here and made this place their home for some time.

Above: This is the largest cave at Bhimbetka. This is believed to be the assembly hall of the community that lived here and the leader addressed the group from that rock at the end of the hall. All formations here are natural. From the state of the rocks found here, it is thought that this whole area must have been under water for a while.

Tip for people who may want to go there: There are guides available from the Madhya Pradesh State Department of Tourism at that site. Be careful though. Those guys would probably show you only a small part of that area and not the whole place. In case you want to see all the paintings, do not hesitate to take the lead and wander off into other places which the guide didn't show you(only where the walkways go though; don't wander off into the bushes :P).
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