mool faail(SVG faail, saadhaaranat: 206 × 215 peeksels, faailaka aakaar: 12 KB)
English: Calligraphic name of Allah in Arabic, Copied from Public Domain artwork
srot Converted to SVG from Image:Islam.png, originally from en:Image:Ift32.gif, uploaded to the English Wikipedia by Mr100percent on . Originally described as "Copied from Public Domain artwork".
(is faail ki pun: upayog)
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anya sanskaranon


faail ka itihaas

faailaka puraana avataran dekhne ke liye dinaank/samay par klik karein.

dinaank/samay angoothaakaar praaroop aakaar sadasya pratikriya
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vaishvik faail upayog

is faail ka upayog nimn anya vikiyon mein hai:

is faail ke vaishvik upayog ki adhik jaankaari dekhein.