Wimbledon grand slam tennis pratiyogita

1877 se shuru hui yeh grand slam tennis pratiyogita duniya mein kaafi vikhyaat tennis pratiyogita hai.

Wimbledon duniya ka sabse puraani tennis pratiyogita hai. all England krokvet aur laun tennis club ne 1877 mein iski shuruaat ki aur aaj bhi ise aayojit karte hain. mahilaaon ka ekal pehli baar 1884 mein hua aur 1923 tak ise "vishv ghaas pratiyogita" ke naam se jaata tha. yeh pratiyogita hamesha London ke Wimbledon kshetr mein aayojit hui hai. 1922 mein yeh vorpal road se church road par chali gayi aur usi varsh chaileinjar pratha ka ant hua. chaileinjar tareeke mein poorv vijeta pehle se hi final mein khelta tha.

Wimbledon is considered to be the most prestigious of all tournaments and is bathed in tradition. Players are required to wear all white, or as near as possible. Professionals under contract were banned from taking part until 1972, with the tournament being boycotted by the ATP in 1973. The following year, it was opened up to all players. The player having won the most Wimbledon singles titles is Pete Sampras, with seven. The American is also the holder of the record number of Grand Slam titles, with 14.