Pakistani maanak samay

Pakistani maanak samay UTC+05:00 hai aur bhaarateeya maanak samay se aadha ghanta peechhe padta hai

Pakistani maanak samay ya Pakistan ka mayaari vakt (پaaاaaكaaِaaسaaتaaاaaن كaaا مaaِaaعaaيaaاaaرaaى وaaقaaت) ya Pakistan staindard time (pee॰aऍsa॰atee॰, Pakistan Standard Time) Pakistan ka samay mandal hai. yeh greenavich maanak samay se paaainch ghante aage hai, yaani UTC +05:00 mein padta hai. yeh bhaarateeya maanak samay se aadha ghanta peechhe hai. Pakistan mein kabhi-kabhi garmiyon ke mausam mein divaalok bachat samay (delaait seving time) ki pratha chalaai gayi hai lekin san 2010 ke baad filhaal yeh band hai.[1]

inhein bhi dekhein


  1. Gap analysis on Energy Efficiency institutional arrangements in Pakistan, Asif Masood, pp.44, 2010, UN ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), United Nations, ... In 2002, Pakistan introduced Daylight Savings Time (DST) ... met with public controversy and resistance was discontinued the same year ... During the energy crisis of 2007-2008, the Government once again announced DST during summer season. It was implemented for almost two years before it was discontinued in 2010 because of the same public controversy and resistance ...